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Do you hear chirping while trying to sleep? Or see scuttling little insects crawling around your furniture or garbage cans? You might have a cricket infestation. If these creatures were as wise as Jiminy, no one would complain; but we all know cricket infestations are annoying and frustrating. At Fox Pest Control, we want to help you exterminate crickets; we want you to feel safe and comfortable in your Susquehanna Valley & Surrounding Areas home.

Signs of a Cricket Infestation

You might already know you have a cricket infestation; but here are a few of the most common signs cricket exterminators in Susquehanna Valley & Surrounding Areas look (or listen) for: 


The most common sign is the sound of crickets chirping inside the house. This is done only by male crickets — however, not all species of crickets chirp.


Another sign is to actually see a cricket around the house.


Some crickets in the Susquehanna Valley & Surrounding Areas area eat or chew on carpeting. The bite marks can be very small, often no wider than one millimeter.

What You Need to Know About Crickets:

  • There are over 900 different species of crickets on Earth. The three most common cricket varieties include:
    • House crickets
    • Field crickets
    • Ground crickets
  • In most cases in the United States, crickets are a snack for other pests. Spiders or even raccoons may come running to your home if they realize crickets are on the menu.
  • Crickets cause damage by munching on different material around your home.They have been known to chew on:
    • Flower in the garden   
    • Leafy plants
    • Sheets
    • Clothing
  • Crickets leave behind lots of droppings. If you see these, you’ll know you have an issue; you should seek professional help to get rid of crickets right away.

Helpful Crickets Prevention Tips: 

  • Seal common entry points.
  • Reduce moisture in and around the home.
  • Clean your home and yard regularly to root them away from hiding places.

How Do I Get Rid Of Crickets?

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Cricket Control FAQ

How do I get rid of crickets?

The best way to make sure crickets are gone for good is to eliminate their food sources. Cleaning your home will help keep them at bay until Fox Pest Control can come to the door. Home remedies just aren’t thorough enough to exterminate all crickets permanently.

Can crickets damage my house?

The spider cricket, also known as the camel cricket or hump-backed cricket, can eat wood, cardboard, plants, or other insects, including other spider crickets. If these crickets have entered your home, they aren’t going to hurt you, but they can cause problems by eating parts of your Susquehanna Valley & Surrounding Areas home.

What problems do crickets cause?

Usually, the biggest problem crickets can cause is attracting other insects to your yard or inside your home. Because crickets in Susquehanna Valley & Surrounding Areas are high in protein, raccoons, spiders, centipedes, birds, and other animals are likely to come on your property if you have lots of crickets.

Will crickets eat my garden?

While crickets do enjoy a good leaf now and then, they’re unlikely to cause as serious a problem for the garden as beetles, aphids, spider mites, and caterpillars. As omnivores, crickets will take advantage of all sorts of available food sources, but they’re unlikely to focus on your garden. 

Are crickets dangerous for my family or my pets?

No. crickets rarely bite, can’t sting, don’t have venom, and, if a cat or dog swallows one, they most likely won’t cause any problems. But too many of them around isn’t any fun.

What exactly are crickets?

Crickets are distantly related to grasshoppers. They have cylinder-shaped bodies and long hind legs. Many species have wings that they use to make a chirping sound. 

What are “True Crickets”?

“True crickets” make up the family Gryllidae, while camel crickets and mole crickets belong to two other families within the order Orthoptera. 

Why do crickets chirp? How do crickets chirp?

By rubbing their wings together, the males chirp in order to attract a female.  

Some males make chirping sounds after mating as a sort of celebration song. Not all species are able to make a chirping sound.

What is the difference between a grasshopper and a cricket?

There are several differences between grasshoppers and crickets:

Chirping Style: Crickets make their chirping sounds by rubbing their comb-like wings together. 

Grasshoppers rub their legs on their wings to make a similar, though harsher sound. 

Antennae: Crickets have long and willowy antennae.

Grasshoppers have shorter antennae. 

Activity: Crickets are active at night, being nocturnal. 

Grasshoppers are active during the day, being diurnal. 

Diet: Crickets are mainly omnivores (some are exclusively herbivores though), so they’ll eat almost anything, from a decaying animal carcass to a tasty leaf. 

Grasshoppers are mainly herbivores, but some species are omnivores.

What do crickets eat?

Since most are omnivores, crickets will eat plants, meat, or other insects. Crickets in Susquehanna Valley & Surrounding Areas tend to eat whatever they can.

Are crickets cannibals?

In some cases, desperate crickets have been known to turn to cannibalism in order to survive by preying on weak, sick, or injured crickets.

Do some people eat crickets?

In fact, some parts of the world enjoy crickets as a delectable meal. Some parts of Asia deep fry these critters and eat them as treats or snacks. Cricket protein powder is also starting to catch on in the U.S. Yum! Maybe having a lot of crickets around isn’t such a bad thing?

Susquehanna Valley & Surrounding Areas Pest Control Reviews

5 Stars

Jason did a fantastic, thorough job - sorry about my review's tardiness, but I just found it. Anyways, Fox, Jason I look forward to doing business with you.

– Daniel Miller

Posted December 16, 2020

5 Stars

I have been extremely satisfied with Fox pest control. Every time we have a service call, it is a pleasure working with the team. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and respectful of our time and property. This is my first time using a pest control service so I was a little nervous at first on what to expect, but I am really glad I decided to sign up because this has been a truly positive experience! We have had recent service visits performed by James and Jason, but honestly everyone we interact with are just exceptional people!

– Matthew Lazarow

Posted December 01, 2020

5 Stars

This was our first treatment. Ronnie was on time and very friendly. From our initial phone call to the first treatment, we've had a very positive experience.

– Chris Melvin

Posted November 12, 2020

5 Stars

Ronnie arrived for our quarterly appt. He is very personable and experienced! Very happy we chose Fox PC for our pest control needs! Thank you!

– Bobbi J Carroll Frey

Posted November 06, 2020

5 Stars

Always very professional, on-time, and informative. Ronnie was great! Would definitely recommend.

– Kevin Sneed

Posted November 03, 2020

5 Stars

Ronnie came out and performed our initial treatment. He was very knowledgeable and polite - very aware of social distancing. He answered my questions and gave a thorough explaination of what was happening and times to look for activity. My first impression of Fox Pest Control is that they are superb. I hope all technicians are as thoughtful and knowledgeable as Ronnie and the future services are just as great. Thanks you,

– John Troutman

Posted October 31, 2020

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