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Typical Colonial Park Pest Control Problems

A common pest in the Colonial Park area is ants. Our Fox team gets a lot of calls regarding ants, especially after a mild winter. The warmer weather allows the ants to nest early, causing a bigger problem later on in the summer. Ants are often drawn to houses for food, moisture, or safety from the outside elements. Fill in cracks around windows and doors in order to prevent them from entering your home.

Rodents are also prevalent in the Colonial Park area. They will enter homes to escape outside weather conditions and get access to delicious food. However, mice and rats can cause serious damage to your home if they nest in walls or chew through wires. They can also spread diseases or bring in fleas. Keep an eye out for droppings, especially in the kitchen,  if you’re suspicious of rodents in your home.

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Our Connection to Colonial Park

Fox technician CJ grew up in Colonial Park and used to work at the local Sears. Now that he’s older, his favorite place to go is the Arooga’s Sports Bar and Grill when he meets up with his friends there. Several technicians also like to visit the Colonial Park Mall. Fox tech Eli also lives in the area. At one point, he and his girlfriend almost adopted a puppy from the Zoomania pet store. “We decided against it that day, but we really want to go back and bring one home when we’re ready,” Eli said.

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